PlayStation Now February Lineup Detailed; ‘MGS 1’ Remake And ‘Crash Bandicoot’ Get Fans’ Hopes Up—And Down

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Japanese Video Game Designer Hideo Kojima (R) And Artist Yoji Shinkawa
Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima (R) and artist Yoji Shinkawa pose before signing autographs for fans to mark the release of the video game "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker' at a shop in London June 18, 2010. Reuters/Paul Hackett

PS4 players have something to rejoice about beyond the 100+ games coming to the PlayStation Now subscription service. For February, five more PS3 games will be added to the list, so those who either don’t have a PS3 or would prefer to play the games on the PS4 can enjoy them.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, the new titles are now available in the subscription library. These are “Uncharted 4: Among Thieves,” “God of War II HD,” “Red Faction: Armageddon,” “Galaga Legions DX” and “Arcana Heart 3.” What’s even better is that Sony is now working on a PlayStation Now subscription service for the PS Vita. PS Now director of marketing Peter Jamshidi responded to a fan query, stating that the team is currently working on more official launches.

“We are working on officially launching subscription on Vita, as well as on PS3, PSTV, and 2014 Sony TVs soon,” said Jamshidi on the comments section.

Speaking of games, there have also been updates on two titles related to the PS4. The first is the open-world of “Metal Gear Solid” the original title, which series creator Hideo Kojima has brought up at the Taipei Game Show. Gamespot reports that Kojima has mentioned wanting to see the remake of the title on the PS4.

However, this doesn’t mean it will actually push through. Kojima has mentioned his excitement about seeing this come to life, but the sad reality is that no one is available to work on the project—not even Kojima himself. This is expected, when there’s still “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” and “Silent Hills” slated for release this year and the next respectively.

What appears to be certain is that Kojima does really appear excited by the idea, enough that this isn’t the first time this was brought up. And, once logistics make it possible, it may not be the last time. The creator has already stated before that if a remake were to happen, it would be a melding of both the past highlights and new experiences.

That’s much better news than what “Crash Bandicoot” fans are now faced with. Power Up Gaming reports that Naughty Dog may not be the developer to create another “Crash Bandicoot” title, if ever that even happens. The studio itself appears to have moved on from its days of cartoon development goodness.

“Animating the stylised stuff is a lot of fun, but the stories that we’re trying to tell right now are a little bit more grounded and a little bit more grown up than they were back in the Jak and Daxter days,” said Josh Scherr, lead animator for ‘Uncharted 4’ in a interview quoted by Power Up Gaming.

Naughty Dog has certainly grown up in terms of its focus and storytelling in games—“The Last of Us” alone should be a definitive title in the studio’s current approach. And while its cartoony days will be missed, at the very least, fans can expect even better games to come.

PlayStation Now subscription service (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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