New Steam games February week 4: 'Mulaka' and more

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Mulaka P3
'Mulaka.' Lienzo/Press

February is about to end, but the games just keep coming. The month has witnessed plenty of big releases like “Kingdom Come: Deliverance,” “Dynasty Warriors 9” and even the controversial “Metal Gear Survive.”

This list, however, focuses on games that may or may not be receiving the attention they deserve. Below are three new Steam games that have been released in the past few days. Check them out; who knows, maybe there’s something you’d like.

‘Vagante’ – Developer: Nuke Nine

Player beware: “Vagante” will challenge you. It is a platforming title that features permanent death if you’re not careful. You’ll be treated to hours of gameplay as you venture through dungeons, slaughtering hordes of enemies. Choose among different classes and backgrounds before playing solo or with friends.

The game began as a Kickstarter project in 2014. It has finally escaped Early Access status.

‘Insidia’ – Developer: Bad Seed

Insidia” is a tactical strategy game that won’t bore you, that's for sure. For starters, battles are fast-paced. But that doesn’t mean you get to win easily. You must first take control of locations on the battlefield before you can defeat and conquer the enemy’s base. And with a Simultaneous Turn system, you can be assured that you won’t have wait long before making a move.

‘Mulaka’ – Developer: Lienzo

Here’s an eye-catching indie game from a studio in Chihuahua, Mexico. The awe-inspiring world of “Mulaka” is based on the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara. In this game, you control a shaman as you draw upon the demigods’ magic to defeat the evil that's taking over the land.

One can certainly feel the passion involved when developing “Mulaka.” In-game locations and enemies are heavily inspired by the mythology, signifying the developers’ intent to draw much-needed attention towards northern Mexico’s Tarahumara.