New indie Steam games for November week 1: 'Usurper' and more

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The release of “Call of Duty: WWII” has certainly set the gaming community on fire. Everyone’s attention seems to be fixated on the big-budget war shooter, it’s no surprise that other smaller titles are put aside and forgotten.

Listed below are some recent independent games you may have missed this early November. The list is based on the titles’ Steam info, so prices are subject to change due to possibilities of sales and discounts.

‘Usurper’ | Developer: Pugware | Price: US$8.49 (AU$11.10)

This side-scroller title is branded as a love letter to classics such as the “Metroid” and “Castlevania” series. The game is set in London, where the hero must vanquish the horrors unleased by the Citadel. Focusing on a battle system called “Guard,” players need to strategise and take risks to achieve a certain goal.

‘Animal Super Squad’ | Developer: DoubleMoose Games | Price: US$9.99 (AU$13.06)

Not many games allow you to play as your favourite animal. “Animal Super Squad” is a physics-based title in which players must traverse obstacles to finish a course. A custom level editor ensures a high degree of replayability. Seat belts not included.

‘Hollowed’ | Developer: Project Polish Productions | Price: US$9.99 (AU$13.06)

Hollowed” is a free-to-play title in which you must help a woman save her beloved from the clutches of Death. Controlling both Halia and her spirit friend Oco, players must jump, run and solve puzzles. Take note that this game does not work with a mouse and keyboard; a controller is required.

‘Steamburg’ | Developer: Telehorse | Price: US$7.99 (AU$10.44)

A multi-awarded title in 2016, “Steamburg” has finally released on Steam, strengthening its brand as a steampunk title (get it?). The titular city has been invaded by robots, and it is up to professor Vincent Cornelius Moore to put a stop to them once and for all. The game has over 32 levels and plenty of discoverable secrets, so players may need plenty of time in their hands.