NBA 2K17: Park After Dark returns on Dec. 30, launch time, Future concert

By @saihoops on
NBA 2K17 My Park: After Dark Mode
NBA 2K17 launched the After Dark mode on Saturday night Youtube Screen Grab / Official NBA 2K Channel

NBA 2K17, arguably the greatest sports video game title in history, will host its second Park After Dark event on Dec. 30 with hip hop star Future playing a live set, per reports.

After a rather unsuccessful After Dark debut on Nov. 26, which was met with severe criticism from gamers, 2K Sports will bring back the MyPark special feature a few days before the new year.  The party begins at 11 PM ET / 8 PM PT on Dec. 30. In Australia, the live event will start at 2 PM AEST / 3 PM AEDT on Dec. 31.

Just like the first edition, gamers will be able to use Virtual Currency (VC) to purchase glow-in-the-dark party clothing and other accessories. Gamers can partake in dunk and three-point competitions besides a few mini-games all while Future will blast tunes all throughout the night. As of this writing, 2K Sports has yet to reveal an end time to the event but the party is expected to continue until the early hours of the following morning. 

NBA 2K17: Park After Dark returns on Dec. 30

In the aftermath of the debt event, there is a ton of scepticism from gamers on social media about the second edition of NBA 2K17: Park After Dark. 2K servers had frequently crashed on Nov. 26 and could not accommodate hundreds and thousands of gamers to join the event. Surely, the game developers must have ironed out the flaws ahead of the next event. 

Many gamers had also complained about spending VC on items that they never received. 2K's Twitter representatives were bombarded with negative messages and were forced to apologise to angry gamers. In recent weeks, NBA 2K17 has initiated a few downloadable and server-side updates to improve the network load. The latest patch did not specify changes made to the online modes but iTech Post among other websites have reported the game developers have focused on improving the Park After Dark experience. 

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