‘My Kitchen Rules’ Australia 2017: Josh and Amy heading for marriage counselling after elimination

By @jane_tvhunter on
My Kitchen Rules
Josh and Amy. Channel Seven/My Kitchen Rules

Josh and Amy now have all the time to focus on their marriage after they got eliminated in “My Kitchen Rules” season 8. Josh admitted that they might need marriage counseling to get back on track again.

The self-proclaimed seafood king and Amy failed to impress the judges and guests Monday night after an intense argument at the kitchen.  Their latest menu in the competition put them at the bottom of the leaderboard and eventually caused their elimination.

Josh, however, expressed confidence until the end and said he didn’t feel bad for being eliminated. “We are still standing here and I feel like [after] a couple of months of marriage counseling, [we would] be back on track,” he said in the post-elimination interview.

Josh and Amy’s menu includes whitebait with chili lime mayo and pickled cucumber salad, seafood chowder with damper, pork belly adobo with lime and coriander rice, and blue swimmer crab with a citrus spinach salad. They also served crema Catalana with a Spanish biscotti for dessert and Koeksisters meet Dom Pedro.

The judges and contestants have torn the dishes apart. Both Manu Feildel and Pete Evans were not impressed at all. The other teams present at the roundtable were speechless and stunned over what happened next.

"There's no need, no need in the world to be marinating crab in a white wine solution. The acidity of the wine killed the meat of the crab before you even cooked it. If you, Josh ... were sitting here tonight, you would take this apart," Feildel told them, referring to the blue swimmer crab.

Moreover, the couple’s second main entrée, pork belly adobo with coriander rice, did not have the herb it needed. Amy’s crema catalana was not appetizing as it should have been. It didn't have a hard, brown layer on top. She also put too much alcohol on her milkshake.

After constant bickering and heart-breaking reviews of their plates, the couple from Western Australia got eliminated on the spot.  They finished with a score of 31 out of 100 percent. This was too far from the 86 out of 100 that Josh would like to have.

The couple has been receiving social media backlash due to Josh’s attitude towards the show and their fellow contestants during his entire time in the competition. At one time, he accused the MKR crew of selective editing, Sydney Morning Herald noted.

Meanwhile, eight pairs will head to the  MKR  finals starting Monday night. The teams are Tim and Kyle, David and Betty, Court and Duncan, Valarie and Courtney, Amy and Tyson, Della and Tully, Mark and Chris and Karen and Ros.

One team will be booted out every night until the grand finals. The last team standing will take home the title as the 2017 MKR champions and the $250,000 grand prize. “My Kitchen Rules” season 8 returns tonight at 7:30 p.m. on Channel Seven in Australia.