Malcolm Turnbull confirms he will run in 2019 amid phone call controversy with Trump

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks during a media conference in Sydney, Australia. Reuters/David Gray

Australian Prime Mister Malcolm Turnbull has announced his plans to run again in the 2019 federal elections. The declaration has been made amid reports of a tough phone call between him and US President Donald Trump.

Turnbull said he will be back in two years to convince people to vote for him. "I'll be back here in 2019 seeking to persuade your listeners to vote for me and the return of the government," he told 2SM's John Laws on Friday.

A phone call between Turnbull and Trump has been the centre of attention this week. The two world leaders reportedly talked about the deal to take the 1,250 asylum seekers that are currently languishing offshore on Manus Island and Nauru, but the conversation did not go well as the two men reportedly exchanged harsh words. Trump abruptly hung up.

A senior official of the White House has revealed that Trump has advised Turnbull that the “next Boston bombers” might go with the refugees.  The former insists that he is going to get killed politically by the immigration deal.

The official working for Trump’s administration has admitted that the phone call was shorter than what was expected. The phone conversation was ended immediately after the prime minister told Trump that it was necessary for the refugees to be accepted.

Turnbull, the 29th prime minister, has already amassed a fortune from Sydney’s property market long before he ascended to the highest political office in the land down under. One of his greatest accomplishments since he has taken the chair as prime minister was making the government competitive in polls again.

Before former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was ousted, the government was regularly trailing Labour in opinion polls by between six and 10 points. Basing on polls, Sydney Morning Herald noted that when Turnbull replaced him, government has led against the opposition.

Turnbull was known as a supporter of same sex marriage. Last year, he presented a bill to the Parliament, saying "society would be stronger if more people were married."

"The time has come. From the bottom of my heart – our society would be stronger if more people were married and there were fewer divorces," he told the Parliament.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest issues that put a stain on his leadership is his strong position in favour of tough action on climate change. The prime minister has agreed to trade away any policy change in exchange for party room votes.