'Justice League' art shows Superman in a black suit; new team photo released

"Justice League" hits the big screens in November 2017
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"Justice League" promo art by DC Comics Twitter.com/DCComics

“Justice League” trailers and advertisements have been making fans excited. However, almost everyone is wondering where Superman has been all this time. While his location remains a mystery, there have been some leads that the Man of Steel will be back, but he will not be the superhero that everyone knows him to be.

A recent photo shows Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash in one photo. "I love this gang of weirdos!" Ben Affleck said about the movie’s casting. He added that they are all different humans, or should he say, metahumans, and that they really love each other.

Affleck also explained his admiration for the individual characters, such as Aquaman being badass and Flash being a lot of fun and full of life. Ezra Miller, who plays the Flash, said, “If having fun was a competition, then we all won – or lost – all a matter of perspective.”

The movie is built on the premise that Bruce Wayne, fueled with Superman’s selflessness, enlists the help of Wonder Woman to recruit a team of metahumans who will stand together against humanity’s latest threat. In the movie, viewers will get to see Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash team up to save the planet from an intergalactic assault of catastrophic proportions.

Of course, a Justice League movie would be no good if Superman is not in it, so everybody is anticipating his grand return. It should be remembered that he died or appeared to have died at the end of “Batman v. Superman,” so how he returns, if he does, is something pretty spectacular.

Fan artist Roy Ledger has come up with a creative interpretation of what Superman could look like if he does return, writes Screenrant. The artists posted the image on his Instagram account showing Superman floating while sporting an all-black suit and cape. His eyes are glowing red, while his hair is longer with a full beard.

What Superman has in store for everyone and how he teams up with the rest of the “Justice League” remains to be seen. For now, everyone can just guess what is to come. The movie hits the big screen on November 2017. 


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