Jon Venables Blames His 2-Year-Old Victim James Bulger’s Mother For the Death of Her Son – Report

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Denise Fergus, the mother of murdered toddler James Bulger,leaves the Old Bailey in London July 23, 2010.
Denise Fergus, the mother of murdered toddler James Bulger,leaves the Old Bailey in London July 23, 2010. One of two men convicted as children of killing two-year old Bulger 17 years ago was jailed for two years on Friday after he admitted charges of downloading and distributing indecent images of children. Jon Venables, aged 27, appearing by video link from prison, pleaded guilty to three charges at London's Old Bailey, local media reported. REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

Jon Venables blamed the mother of his victim James Bulger for the 2-year-old toddler’s death because she left him on his own. The convicted killer, who, together with his friend Robert Thompson, abducted and killed Bulger when they were just 10 years old, reportedly pointed his finger at Denise Fergus for the crime.

According to the Mirror, the now-32-year-old ex-convict alleged that Bulger’s mum was at fault in his abduction and death. He reportedly told his accusation to a reveller in a packed pub. Venables, who goes under a new unknown identity, was quite drunk and had been chatting with a stranger in the “gay-friendly” pub. He apparently confided to him about the events of that fateful day in 1993.

Venables could not admit his real identity to the stranger outright, but the unnamed pub customer, who was there with his mum, figured it out when Venables said he wasn’t allowed a mobile phone or go to social networking sites.

“He was talking about James Bulger and said to me, ‘Whose fault was it? Whose fault was it’ I told him, ‘The two boys who took him away.’ And he said to me, ‘No it’s the mum’s fault for leaving him outside the butcher’s,’” the pub-goer told the paper.

As Venables’ real identity has been sealed by the courts, it is doubtful that the reveller would recognise the child killer for certain. However, Bulger’s mother, Fergus, believed it to be true and was furious with the claim.

Bulger’s Mother Calls for the Re-Imprisonment of Venebles

“I’ve never believed he was truly sorry for anyone but himself,” Fergus told the Mirror, adding that Venables “lied on oath” when he told the parole board that he was remorseful of his actions. “He deceived the parole board and he should be recalled on his license to be given a lie-detector test to find out whether he ever was truly sorry – if not, he should go back behind bars.”

Bulger’s Abduction and Murder

On Feb. 12, 1993 in Bootle, England, Fergus was shopping with her son at the New Strand Shopping Centre when she got momentarily distracted. That short time that she wasn’t holding her son was enough time for Venables and Thompson to lead Bulger away from the butcher’s shop, where Fergus was buying meat. The two troubled kids then took Bulger on a long walk leading to an abandoned railway station, where they tortured and killed him.

Venables and Thompson, who both turned 11 in August that year, were found guilty of Bulger’s abduction and murder the following November. They served eight years in prison, and were given new identities by the court. Venables was imprisoned again in March 2010 for violating the terms of his license of release, and in June 2010, he was charged with possession and distribution of indecent images of children. He was again released in 2013.

In January 2015, it was reported that he joined an online dating site. The women he had connected with through the unnamed website didn’t know they were chatting with a murderer and paedophile. Fergus told the Daily Mail that the parole board should enforce a system to better supervise Venables.

James Bulger Murderer Jon Venables Reportedly Joins an Online Dating Site