‘Home and Away’ spoilers for March 20: Zac drops a shocking bombshell on Leah; Summer Bay celebrates another wedding

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Ada Nicodemou and Charlie Clausen
"Home and Away" actress Ada Nicodemou and Charlie Clausen pose for a selfie at the 58th TV Week Logie Awards. Instagram/adanicodemou

An emotional day awaits Summer Bay as “Home and Away” delivers its first salvo for the week. On Monday, Zac Macguire (Charlie Clausen) returns home and comes clean to Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) about that sinful night with Sam Webster (Cheree Cassidy).

Zac’s timing is not exactly ideal – his confession may ruin Evelyn “Evie” MacGuire (Philippa Northeast) and Matt Page’s (Alec Snow) big day. The two decided to get hitched right before they move to Vietnam and their family and friends go all the way to help them with the wedding. The upcoming episode also features Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), John Palmer (Shane Withington) and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) and Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger).

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Home and Away" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it.

Back to the Bay reports that Monday’s episode also centres on Evie and Matt, who are over the moon as they prepare for their wedding. In Seven Network’s sneak peek of the March 20 episode, Leah is shocked when Evie and Matt announce that they’re getting married the next day. When Leah shares her misgivings, Evie assures her that while she and Matt have only been together for a short period of time, they’ve been best friends their whole lives. The couple manages to convince Leah, who’s ecstatic for them and their upcoming adventure. Evie and Matt then make some requests: for Leah to prepare her cake and for Alf to marry them.

The upcoming run also features Marilyn and John, who are gearing up to leave Summer Bay. In another teaser video, she notices that John is quite happy. She learns that he has heard from the real estate agent, which means they can leave Summer Bay as soon as possible. While John is elated over the news, Marilyn can’t seem to share his glee.

'Home and Away' recap

In the previous episode, Alf confronted John about leaving Summer Bay and dragging Marilyn away from her friends, her job and her home. John defended his decision, saying he needs a fresh start away from all that has happened lately and moving away is the right thing to do. Alf also reminded John that Marilyn’s doing it for John and that she won’t be happy when they leave.

Later, Alf and Marilyn talked about their big move and he said that while he’s not forcing her to do anything, staying at the Bay is killing him inside. Marilyn started realising that leaving is not too bad, especially after she talked to Evie. Matt’s girlfriend said that as long as she’s together with him, it doesn’t matter where they live. Marilyn went home and told John that while she’s going to miss Summer Bay, she’s coming with him wherever he goes.

Speaking of Evie, she and Matt decided to spend saying goodbye to their friends and loved ones before they head off to Vietnam. Later, they met right before their farewell drinks and talked about their future, including having kids and marriage. Evie then shocks Matt when she proposed to him, asking him to get hitched the next day.

Meanwhile, Brody continued to fall deeper into Lena’s tantalising offer of drugs and sex. Justin started noticing that his brother is not acting like his usual self but Brody said he’s just working too hard. Justin continued to worry, especially when Brody snapped at him. When Mason mentioned Lena’s name, Justin got even more concerned that his brother is messing with a bad girl. Later, he went over to Salt to talk to Brody. Justin told Brody to ask help if he needs it if he doesn’t want to end up like their dad, who started running into trouble when he let the stress get into his head. Brody vowed to himself – and to Lena – that he’ll stay away from drugs from thereon.

The show also stars Nate Cooper (Kyle Pryor), Tori Morgan/Tessa Lee (Penny McNamee), Katarina Chapman (Pia Miller), Martin “Ash” Ashford (George Mason), VJ Patterson (Matthew Little), Hunter King (Scott Lee), Olivia Richards (Raechelle Banno), Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo), Justin Morgan/Jack Lee (James Stewart), Brody Morgan/Bart Lee (Jackson Heywood), Mason Morgan/Michael Lee (Orpheus Pledger) and Raffy Morrison (Olivia Deeble).

Find out what happens next on “Home and Away,” which airs Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on Seven Network in Australia. In the UK, the soap airs during weekdays at 1:15 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Channel 5.