‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 11 Episode 12 Update: Focus Back To Meredith, With Avery, Herman And Webber On The Side (Spoilers)

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“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11, Episode 12, titled “The Great Pretender,” airs Thursday, Feb. 20, on ABC. Maggie demands answers from Meredith in this week’s new episode. More conflicts involving other doctors unfold on the side. Catherine Avery, Nicole Herman, and Miranda Bailey each get ample screen time.

Spoiler alert: This update contains “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11 spoilers. Read on at your own risk if you have not watched the preceding episodes.

“Maggie gets upset when Meredith dodges her questions about DC; Bailey and Ben become concerned about Ben's brother after he is admitted to the hospital, and Dr. Herman starts to warm up to Arizona. Meanwhile, Richard feels manipulated by Catherine,” reads the ABC synopsis of this week’s new episode.

Maggie (Kelly McCreary) needs to know why Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has no idea on Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) weekend location. This story appears to be the highlight of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11, Episode 12 based on promo videos and the given summary.

Creator Shonda Rhimes has earlier described this season as Meredith-centric. What is Mer up to now? Mer is the sun around whom other lives would revolve, Cristina Yang says in the Season 10 finale. Optimistic Yang fans on forum sites are saying they hope Meredith flew out to see her “person.”

Meanwhile, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben (Jason George) have been relatively problem free for a while now. Dr Herman (Geena Davis) has yet to show Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) her friendly side. Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen) invites Webber (James Pickens Jr) for comfort. These are the updates on the other characters as of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11, Episode 12. The synopsis seems to hint of some changes.

The “Meredith conflict” of the week and the side stories are expected to colour this week’s new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” In addition, fans expect some developments from the side of Kepner (Sarah Drew) and Avery (Jesse Williams), who lose their baby in Episode 11.

Callie (Sara Ramirez), Karev (Justin Chambers), Hunt (Kevin McKidd), and Derek’s sister Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) are also expected to have their own side stories in “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11, Episode 12.

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