‘Grand Theft Auto V’ update 1.32 brings new content, ‘GTA Online’ files mined for Valentine’s Day content

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GTA Online
GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals Mode is Coming With Fresh Content. Rockstar Games

“GTA Online” may be the main focus for Rockstar Games in terms of additional content. But that does not mean that the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions have been forgotten.

In a new update spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, Rockstar Games has delivered the new Drop Zone mode, a couple of vehicles and a long list of fixes for the game. New content comes in the form of two vehicles, the Karin Sultan and the Bravado Banshee. They are both upgradable and customisable though the hydraulics mod is not available for the cars.

There are also two new features for the three platforms as well. Changing the organisation name will now notify the bodyguards. The second is that a new Custom Roof option is now available for Mamba via the Los Santos Customs. There is also a long list of tweaks for issues, as seen in the link above.

February may also bring some more updates, this time for “GTA Online,” the online component for “Grand Theft Auto V.” According to GameSpot, Rockstar Games has already hinted that it will be pushing a Valentine’s Day event.

Even though there are no official details for this yet, the developer dropped a hint that there will be some new items that players will “fall in love it” in “GTA Online.” Now, data-miners have shared what the potential new items can be. The Valentine’s Day content for “GTA Online” may feature a new Roosevelt car that’s been taken for a spin in terms of renditions.

There’s even a video featuring the car, and it’s a nostalgic vehicle from the era of gangsters, mobsters, and flapper dresses. These are heightened by the additional outfits for the Valentine’s Day event. Dapper gents with suits and fedoras is the fitting look for the new Roosevelt. Still, since Rockstar Games has yet to unveil the official details, players should best take this with a grain of salt until the actual announcement from the developer.

"GTA Online" Drop Zone (Credit: YouTube/Bender)