Gay Pupil Bullied By Teachers In The UK Remain Refrained From HIV Testing Advice

By @Guneet_B on
Gay men
The Turnbull government is set to launch a postal plebiscite on same-sex marriage. Reuters/Radovan Stoklasa

According to a recent research published by the National Aids Trust, a majority of gay pupils in the UK face homophobic bullying by their teachers at school. While on the other hand, a majority also believes that they are discriminated against by the adults and the educators.

The report, titled "Boys Who Like Boys," reveals the correct picture of the conditions that young boys face even today in Britain. The report suggests that one out of five gay teenagers have confessed to have faced bullying and discrimination inside the school premises because of their sex orientation.

During the study, the researchers found that around 55 percent of the total respondents agreed to have faced bullying, out of which an alarming 99 percent confessed that they are bullied by other pupils at school. While on the other hand, 60 percent confessed that they face bullying by other pupils quite often.

The study results in the report linked the rising number of HIV cases among gay men in the UK to poor sex education in the schools. Out of 1,000 gay and bisexuals questioned during the survey, about 75 percent admitted that they receive no education about HIV transmission, and a majority confessed that they don't even understand how the transmission take place, let alone the awareness about the PEP drug.

According to the Public Health England, the HIV diagnosed cases among the young men aged between 15 and 24 have nearly doubled in the past decade in the UK.

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