'Final Fantasy XV' developer explains game's levelling system

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Final Fantasy XV
"Final Fantasy XV" may get another enhancement for its Episode Duscae demo. "Final Fantasy XV" official website

Square Enix's upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" is one of the most anticipated titles of 2016, and it's expected to bring a lot of new features to the franchise. The developer has detailed one of the core mechanics in any roleplaying game (RPG): the levelling system.

The director of "Final Fantasy XV," Hajime Tabata, recently revealed the levelling mechanics of the game. Unlike other RPGs, the levelling system of "Final Fantasy XV will comprise two threads.

In an interview with The Examiner, Tabata noted that the traditional method of levelling up will be found in "Final Fantasy XV;" this method comprises the simple Status upgrade that sees characters become stronger as their level progresses. He then stated that since "Final Fantasy XV" is action-oriented, the developer needed to introduce another way to let players feel the progress of their characters in battle.

“Obviously, in traditional Final Fantasy RPGs, you have very specific ways that characters level up and gain power, but because Final Fantasy XV is an action/RPG, it’s quite different in some ways to the traditional RPG gameplay formula,” he said.

The Examiner pointed out that Tabata may be pertaining to the quality of combos produced in battle. This may mean that the combos of the character may get better with each level-up. Unlike previous "Final Fantasy" titles, the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" is action-packed, making combo possibilites note-worthy.

"Final Fantasy XV" has no exact release date yet. However, the developer did confirm in a blog post before that it will launch sometime this year. Furthermore, the developer is also keen on updating fans with the current progress of development through stills from the development stage.