Explore A Sinking Ship In ‘Titanic: Honor And Glory’

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Video games and history don’t seem to have much of a relationship. Sure, there are games like the original “Medal of Honor” that are set in World War II, but even those games take a few liberties here and there, like giving the Nazis a giant doom fortress. Now a small group of independent developers are hoping to have players experience some actual history with “Titanic: Honor and Glory.”

“Titanic: Honor and Glory” is an Indiegogo project currently trying to raise $250,000 through crowdfunding. It is also attempting to be an interactive recreation of the giant ship, days before the giant iceberg hit it.

The game will have two main modes. The story mode features Mr Robert Morgan attempting to clear his or her name of a crime committed while aboard the Titanic. Police will be chasing said protagonist throughout the story and the player must finish this mission under the game’s five-day limit, before the ship crashes and sinks.

A free roaming mode is the second mode, and it could be considered as the more fascinating part of the game. While the story will have the player trying to clear his name of a crime, the free roaming mode will simply be players exploring the Titanic with no time limits or mission objectives.

Polygon has stated that the developers have clearly done a good amount of research to rebuild an in-game version of the Titanic. The indie team made sure they detailed everything about the 1912 time period, including the city of Southampton England where the game starts.

The story mode will also have its fair share of advantages over the free roaming mode. Players, for one, will be able to make conversation with the various people onboard to gather clues and clear Morgan’s name before it’s too late. The collision between the Titanic and the iceberg will also be playable, as the player must attempt to rise through the waters and survive.

For those interested in the pitch, they can go to the game’s Indiegogo fundraiser. The site has a numerous amount of content in it, including the in-game model of the ship and screenshots of the various rooms players can explore.

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"TITANIC: HONOR AND GLORY" INDIEGOGO PITCH 2015 (Credit: YouTube/Titanic Honor and Glory)