Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex-GF Irina Shayk Reveals What Turns Her On In Men [VIDEO]

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Russian model Irina Shayk presents a creation from the collection of Desigual during 080 Barcelona Fashion
Russian model Irina Shayk presents a creation from the collection of Desigual during 080 Barcelona Fashion in the Born Cultural Centre in Barcelona, January 28, 2014. Spanish fashion label Desigual is accelerating its expansion in Europe and emerging markets, seeking to ride predictions of fast growth in women's apparel while also taking the colourful brand into new areas like perfume and shoes. The Barcelona-based company is targeting sales of 1 billion euros ($1.4 billion) this year, up from about 820 million in 2013 and 440 million four years ago. It is all part of managing director Manel Jadraque's masterplan to build a powerhouse brand to rival those produced by the likes of French luxury group LVMH, where he worked for a decade before joining Desigual as director of operations in 2004. REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino REUTERS

Newly single Sports Illustrated model Irina Shayk recently revealed what turns her on and what ticks her off in a guy. Shayk has shared totally random things about the things that she likes in a guy -- from men with facial hair to men doing household chores.

In an interview during the Sports Illustrated Fan Festival, Shayk played a little turn on and turn off Q&A session with a VH1 correspondent. While some men’s grooming slip-ups may make other women cringe a bit, Shayk said she is cool with men who have facial hair, particularly beard and chest hair. However, Shayk said she doesn’t fancy men who have a lot of back hair.

The Russian supermodel who just celebrated her 29th birthday in January also said she likes a guy who shows compassion to other living creatures such as dogs and cats. As for men who are addicted to taking selfies, Shayk said it is a turn off for her.

When the distribution of domestic chores falls along the gender lines, where men appear to be doing most of the cleaning and cooking errands, Shayk joked that it is a good thing because it would spare her from doing the chores and save her “manicure.” When asked if she finds men with an accent hot, Shayk said yes straight way.

“Love, sexy,” Shayk said. “Especially English accent, the British.”

According to Shayk, the first thing that she looks at when she sees a man is his shoes, his hands and then his face. Watch Shayk’s VH1 interview video at the bottom of the article.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported in January that Shayk and her boyfriend of five years, Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, had broken up. The real reason of the breakup was not revealed but Shayk’s rep has denied all the negative rumours, which reportedly involved Shayk’s relationship with Ronaldo’s family.

Following the breakup, Shayk reportedly unfollowed Ronaldo on Twitter. She also deleted all their pictures together on her Instagram account.

Shayk and Ronaldo got together in 2010. During their five-year romance, Shayk has stood by Ronaldo and supported him. Though they were seldom pictured together, Shayk had shown her support for Ronaldo by accompanying him in various award ceremonies. She also played the role of stepmother to Ronaldo’s son Cristianinho.

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