Couple allegedly engaged in sex acts on Vegas flight released without charges

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A mock copulating couple is displayed at the exhibition "Sex and Evolution" at the Natural History museum in the western city of Muenster October 17, 2013. Reuters/Ina Fassbender

A couple on Southwest Airlines Flight 3246 to Las Vegas from Atlanta has reportedly engaged in sexual activity while on board. Following several reports of them performing the act, the couple was released without charges.

Watch commander for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department John Liberty said no one in the flight wanted to file charges. "The flight crew left and did not even file a statement so we have nothing to charge them with,” he said, according to News 3.

Liberty said authorities did not obtain videos of the couple involved from crew or passengers. After the couple was identified, all information will allegedly be turned over to the FBI. Las Vegas police was contacted about the incident aboard Flight 3246.

Spokesman for McCarran International Airport Michael Oram said the couple apparently could not control themselves. He told Fox 5 News that they were “all over each other.”

Southwest Airlines had contacted Metro regarding the incident. According to the New York Post, the couple was advised to refrain from such actions during the flight, but ignored the advice. Speaking with News 3, Oram said they obtained reports, adding that to his understanding, there was a video on social media.

Officials reportedly met the couple at the gate but no arrests were made. Metro investigation will reportedly not proceed any further. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said the only way it would be an FAA issue was if the passengers disobeyed a crew member's instructions. He explained that the FAA can propose civil penalties against a passenger when that happens.

Southwest Airlines apologises

A Southwest Airlines spokesperson has confirmed the incident. “Southwest does not condone this type of activity and we apologise to the other passengers onboard who were potentially exposed to this activity,” the spokeswoman told Fox News.

It was not the first time passengers have been caught engaging in sexual activities during a flight. In June, a video of an engaged man getting a lap dance from a female passenger on a flight went viral online.

The man was reportedly sad to leave his fiancée at home for his bachelor party. It is believed his male friends asked the woman to cheer him up.