‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 5: Boyle to help cut Peralta’s jail time

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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ - Joe Lo Truglio - Charles Boyle
Cast member Joe Lo Truglio attends an event for the television comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" in Los Angeles. Reuters/Phil McCarten

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 5 premiere is still less than two months away, and everybody’s on the edge over what’s to come. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) face the biggest challenge of their lives as they try to desperately escape from Melanie Hawkins’ (Gina Gershon) solid trap. One member of the squad, however, is willing to do whatever it takes to cut the wrongfully accused duo’s jail time.

Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details about the upcoming season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The fifth season premieres Sept. 26 in the US. Barring any changes, the season 5 opener should be available for Australian viewers to watch on SBS on Sept. 27, Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

It seems inevitable that Diaz and Peralta are going to spend some time in prison for the start of the Fox comedy’s fifth season. Hawkins really played her cards well against the two in season 4. The hard-core lieutenant is always a couple of steps ahead of the good guys, but can she keep it up knowing that the entire Nine-Nine will do whatever it takes to help the guiltless detectives?

Charles Boyle, in particular, isn’t going to sit idly by and let his best friend stay behind bars for an extended amount of time. According to the actor that plays the pompous foodie, Joe Lo Truglio, Boyle is set on finding out more about Hawkins, hoping she’d take a misstep or two.

“He’s determined to make sure that his friend’s innocence is known to the rest of the world,” Lo Truglio told EW. “So he’s doing everything he can, he’s tailing Hawkins and he’s trying to take advantage of her making a mistake.”

Unfortunately for Boyle, he won’t take his best friend’s absence lightly. During last season’s finale, he was so stressed out about losing Peralta to prison that all of his hair turned white. Next season will be even harder for Boyle, and the season premiere will showcase his emotions.

“They’ve got a wonderful cold open to show his depression, which rivals and – dare I say – surpasses him breaking up with Vivian (Marilu Henner) in the Matrix leather coat cold open,” Lo Truglio said. Here’s hoping that the precinct’s workhorse doesn’t grow snowy hair again.

Speaking of growing hair, the usually well-shaven Peralta will be rocking a beard for the start of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 5. And it will definitely take some time for fans to get used to the goofy detective’s new rugged look.


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