‘Armadillo Gold Rush HD’ Coming To iOS Devices This Week

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One of the Above Games' more successful games, “Armadillo Gold Rush,” will be coming to iOS devices this week and will be doing so in high definition, with the developer giving it a new title, “Armadillo Gold Rush HD.” The game has players taking the role of an armadillo, as it collects gold and finishes challenging levels.

Interestingly enough, “Armadillo Gold Rush” started out its shelf life as a mobile game for older cellphones, as stated by Touch Arcade. Before getting the HD treatment this week, “Armadillo Gold Rush” was originally a cellphone game that came out on specific phones way back in 2006, making its resurgence as an iOS mobile game even more interesting.

In fact, anyone curious enough to want to check out the older version of “Armadillo Gold Rush” can still do so. The official site of App Above Games is currently still available for purchase to anyone who wants to give the puzzle game a try.

A trailer for “Armadillo Gold Rush HD” was released as well and can be seen below. Fans of the original game can actually see that some of the older levels in the original game have been remastered so that they look better on an iOS device.

Graphics for the game have also been improved significantly, which is expected for an HD re-release. The armadillo of the game is much more detailed now in “Armadillo Gold Rush HD,” and the levels have also been designed better, with more vibrant colors and bigger spaces to traverse through.

That being said, fans of the original “Armadillo Gold Rush” have nothing to worry about as the gameplay of the original mobile game has stayed intact. The armadillo must collect all the gold throughout the level while solving various puzzles in the game and voiding enemies.

“Armadillo Gold Rush HD” will be available in the App Store on May 7 for $2.99. Fans looking for a solid mobile puzzle game may get a kick out of this HD re-release of the original cellphone game.

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Armadillo Gold Rush HD - Launch Trailer iPhone/iPad/iOS May 7th 2015 (Credit: YouTube/appabovegames)