Apple On The Verge of Era of Remarkable Innovation: iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iCar, 12-inch Retina MacBook Air and 2015 MacBook Pro

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Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook delivers his keynote address at the World Wide developers conference in San Francisco, California June 2, 2014. Reutes/Robert Galbraith

Apple's interest over car development and diversifying its product line is an indication of changing times. Likewise, the company's move into changing its products like the iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro as well as introduction of the Apple Watch suggests Apple is entering a remarkably new innovative era.

University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business professor Peter Adriaens explains via Forbes: “People are going to start buying cars because of the embedded technology. Tech [companies] are sending a signal that the value now in the car is the technology.”  Adriaens further notes that Apple's reported proiject about an electric car is not really out of the field. Companies like Uber, Nokia and Google have all been interested and working on electric vehicles or self-driving cars. Talks about about sensor loaded vehicles have also surfaced in the process.

However, there are still doubts on whether the company is truly entering an era of innovation following the failed attempts on the Apple TV according to Patently Apple. Everyone else thought that Apple could change the television industry but it went out of the spotlight after some time. As the world waits for Apple to launch its Apple Watch the question now boils down to whether the company can pull off its previously hyped TV and now the electric car. Jony Ive did hint that Apple was also entering an impressive era where it is working on a number of remarkable products.

Forbes supports the interesting rate of Apple's ventures and interest with its poaching of talents. According to the report, whereas Apple has been slammed with legal actions concerning its move to woe engineers away from their companies and to its Apple car project, the threat it poses to the auto industry cannot be denied. The company's move follow a consistent pattern of turning highly skilled talents over to their side as the other industry suffers brain drain.

Other notable moves Apple has been making is its expected release of the first Intel-powered 12-inch Retina MacBook Air, inclusion of Touch ID to the Air and MacBook Pro line plus its predicted plans to release the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 within the same year.

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