Apple scraps iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle but iPod Touch still on-board

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Apple iPod Shuffle & iPod Nano
Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs speaks on stage with images of the iPod Shuffle (L) and iPod Nano projected on screen at Apple's music-themed September media event in San Francisco, California, September 1, 2010. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

The iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle are no longer available on Apple’s official site. The California-based electronics giant now only has two marked down iPod Touch models in its current portable music player roster. The move could be the catalyst that sets off the iconic device’s eventual obsolescence.

Apple confirmed on Friday that the company is discontinuing its trendsetting iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle media players. The models are no longer available on Apple’s main and regional sites and online stores. They can still be purchased at Apple’s physical stores as well as from other resellers, although it won’t be long until they’re completely gone.

The lone remaining portable media player that the Mac maker promotes – the iPod Touch – is currently available at more affordable price points, granting only two storage options are offered instead of the previous four. In the US, the 16 GB model was previously priced at US$199, the 32 GB variant at US$249, the 64 GB unit at US$299 and the 128 GB model at US$399. Now, only the 32 GB and 128 GB options are offered, and they can be purchased for US$199 and US$299, respectively.

In Australia, the four previous iPod Touch models were available from AU$279 to AU$579. Presently, the 32 GB unit is listed at AU$299 while the 128 GB variant carries a AU$449 price tag. The remaining configurations are currently available in the same colour options: silver, gold, space grey, pink, blue and Product Red.

“Today, we are simplifying our iPod line-up with two models of iPod Touch, now with double the capacity, starting at just U$199,” an Apple representative told Business Insider via email. “And we are discontinuing the iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano.”

The first iPod Nano was launched almost 12 years ago and was last updated in September 2012. Meanwhile, the iPod Shuffle was originally released back in January 2005 and received its last makeover seven years ago. Apple introduced the iPod Touch to the world a decade ago and last updated it with an all-new camera and an A8 processor in July 2015.

The iPod Nano survived seven generations before it was given the boot while the Shuffle had four. The current and presumably last iPod Touch is the 6th gen model. The original iPod, which was later stylised and marketed as the iPod Classic, was released in October 2001 and changed the landscape for portable music players.


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