Apple iPhone 7 Has a Crown Unlike Any Other: The Most Interesting iPhone Yet

By @preciousvsilva on
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IN PHOTO. A customer holds an iPhone 6 at an Apple store in New York. Reuters/ Adrees Latif

Retina is theorized to be just the tip of the iceberg as Apple ventures into more combined product categories. The same thought has inspired the latest iPhone 7 concept indicating the inclusion of Apple Watch capabilities to the smartphone. Will placing the "crown" on the iPhone 7 make it reign over other market competitors? Will it just be a futile attempt?

A new concept has been making rounds online combining the Apple Watch and the iPhone 7. Some are calling the creation a "monster" as it puts together some of the most iconic products of Apple and their identifying feature. The standout of them all is the digital crown on the Apple Watch.

Given the digital crown will be included in the next iPhone 7, users will then have a different and new way of inputing functions and data (depending on the extent Apple will allow). It is still hard to gauge the efficiency or overall use of the digital crown specifically whether users find it necessary on the Apple Watch so its value remains debatable on other Apple products unless integrated officially.

Yet even with doubts on the actual value, the idea of the crown on the iPhone 7 generated enough buzz. Designer Antonio De Rosa further fueled people's imagination and hopes as he turned the idea into a real-life looking product in a video. Additionally, the concept shows a smaller bezel and a new "Sense Button" replacing the home button. The Sense option recognizes movements and gestures allowing users to have a more personalized or tailored control. Apple has not released any official details about the device yet thus features remain open for changes.

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