Apple iPhone 6S On Release Date Likely Virtual Reality-Ready As iOS 9 2015 Arrival Accelerates – Reports

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The chance is high that virtual reality, or VR, functions will come packed with the iPhones 6S release date later this 2015 as Apple ramps up efforts to include the feature on mobile devices. And as iOS 8 updates arrive in quick successions, touchdown of iOS 9 seems to accelerate.

That Apple is dreaming of the VR experience to come with its iOS devices is no longer a secret, basing on the company’s recent moves such as the recruitment of software specialists in the field. This week, Apple’s VR thrust is being supported by active head-hunting that would bring in talents with hardware knowledge on the same subject.

Virtual Reality In Mobile Devices

According to 9to5Mac, the tech giant is searching for engineers that would enhance Apple’s VR environment. Details of the company’s job listings provided hint of advance works in virtual reality, both in the software and hardware aspects.

One specific talent that Apple seeks to acquire is the understanding of “how to drive displays from multiple synced sources at high frame rates with low latency,” added a separate report by Apple Insider. The goal is the creation of “extremely high fidelity VR environments,” the publication said.

Part of the job description too is knowledge of motion capture system that essentially dropped clue on plans to integrate motion-sensing on future products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple was observed to be laying the foundation for this when it bought the Israeli firm PrimeSense for $360 million, Apple Insider said.

PrimeSense once partnered with Microsoft, producing the motion-controller Kinect for the Xbox game console in the process. It is unclear, however, if the same implementation or close to it is what is to be expected from Apple’s VR development initiatives.

Hardcoded With iOS 9

And if indeed virtual reality will be part of the next iPhone menu, it is expected to be an integral part of iOS 9, which will replace iOS 8 to power the next-generation iDevices. With the software upgrade to come sooner than expected, Apple appears to be expediting the finalisation of iOS 8, if a new report from BGR is to be believed.

The tech site claimed that Monday next week, iOS 8.2 will be given official status and it will be followed by four iOS 8.3 beta releases. Picking on that phase, the tech giant is on schedule to wrap up its latest iOS version with speed then move swiftly to iOS 9, which according to earlier reports will be made public – in beta form – in time for the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

The balance of the iOS 8 versions is set to add support for Apple Watch and multitasking on the rumoured 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Assuming virtual reality is a go for Apple this 2015, the hardware part should debut with the iPhone 6S release date with iOS 9 taking care of the software side of the environment.

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