Anzac Day 2017: What, when retail stores and supermarkets open

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A Woolworths sign adorns the front of a supermarket store in Sydney August 28, 2013.
A Woolworths sign adorns the front of a supermarket store in Sydney August 28, 2013. Reuters/David Gray

Some supermarkets and other retail stores are closed for Anzac Day, the commemoration of the 102nd anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli. Most banks will be closed too, while some cafes and restaurants may operate as usual.

In some states, Woolworths, Coles and Aldi could not trade before lunch time.  These retailers will start operation in the New South Wales and Victoria at 1 pm on Tuesday. In Tasmania, they open thirty minutes earlier.

Aldi and Coles will not open in Queensland on Tuesday while some Woolworth stores may likely open after lunch time. In the Northern Territory, Woolworths will start to trade at 6am and Coles at 1pm.

City supermarkets in WA and South Australia will not operate while some outside of city centres will open from midday. In SA, Coles open at 12 pm. Some stores are open in regional areas of WA, particularly in the afternoon.

On Anzac Day, petrol stations, convenience stores and pharmacies across the country will operate as usual.  Shopping centres and department stores in NSW, Queensland and Victoria may open after 1 pm while these businesses may start thirty minutes earlier in Tasmania.  In South Australia, customers may be able to shop at department stores and shopping centres between noon and 5pm.

In the Northern Territory and ACT, there are no trading restrictions for businesses. General retail is closed in WA on Tuesday.

Hotels, as long as they are licensed, are allowed to sell takeaway alcohol like they normally would. As for bottle shops and stand-alone cellars, however, they could not open until 1pm per

On Tuesday morning, an estimated crowd of 100,000 gathered at the streets from near Wynyard to Hyde Park to remember the 120,000 Australians and New Zealanders who fight for wars in the past 120 years. Gallant, the police horse that represented the horses ridden by 1st Light Horse Brigade, led the march.

The 75th anniversary of the largest corp in the Australian Army is also being celebrated. It is the Australian Army's Corps of Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RAEMI).

Winston Coles, the vice president of the RAEMI , says if a gun stops working or a vehicle shuts down, an engineer comes in. "There's not a battle we haven't been involved with: We are soldiers and we know how to fight, but that's not our primary role," Sydney Morning Herald has quoted him saying.

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