Android 5.1 Killer Features with Dynamic Quick Settings Titles, Quick Settings Swipe, Color Inversion and More

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Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop update came with number of interesting features but some of them got in the way of smooth user experience. Other features are subject to bugs and issues. Fortunately, Google appears intent on solving a number of these through the Android 5.1 update.

For instance, the Lollipop version offered a series of dynamic Quick Settings toggles.  Users need to drop down the notification shade to check the standard options like the Bluetooth and WiFi. However, a number of toggles were hidden until triggered. These include WiFi Hotsport and Invert Colors. The problem stems from accessing these features but dealing with them all throughout unless users adjust the calendar one month forward to make them disappear.

The complaints may have piled up significantly as the Android 5.1 update offers an orthodox manner to address the problem. People only need to press the dynamic tile long enough until the options become hidden once more. Android Police offers a video demonstration on how to do this.

Another interesting change that the Android 5.1 has is related to the Quick Settings option. Under Android 5.0 Lollipop, people will need to swipe the QS to close then swipe once more to unlock it. Under Android 5.1, people can access the QS through the lockscreen. They only need to swipe from the panel's outside. The feature closes and unlocks the phone automatically. Android Police offers another demonstration video.

On the other hand, XDA Developers offer a Lollipop 5.1 ROM Backup. The site claims that the build is not a CM12 ROM rather it is based on the official Indonesian stock of Android One devices. Nonetheless, it is also compatible with Indian Android One units. XDA warns users that it is a backup stock rom so they have to flash via the following instructions:

1. Choose PhilZ Recovery.

2. Wipe /data.

3. Via the advanced restore, restore only /system and /boot.

4. Reboot the device and the Lollipop build will be accessible.

Disclaimer: Providers of the update cannot be held for what happens to the device following installation. User can update at their own risk.

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