'American Horror Story' season 7 ‘Cult’ is not what fans might think

“American Horror Story” will air on September 5 on FX.
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Actress Emma Roberts
Actress Emma Roberts arrives at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States August 16, 2015. Reuters/Danny Moloshok

“American Horror Story: Cult” is about to come out in a few weeks, and the crew has been gracious enough to gift fans with a pre-show treat. It looks like their days of being secretive is far behind them. This time, fans got to see an extraordinarily spooky set.

Spoiler alert! This article contains “American Horror Story” spoilers. Read on if you would like to know what happens next before the next episode airs.

It is signature fashion for “American Horror Story” to be tight-lipped about the specifics of season 7, until now. Creator Ryan Murphy just made a big reveal recently, confirming the highly anticipated return of Emma Roberts. The FX horror series just gave fans a first look at the show with its new cast members.

The new photos posted on LA Times show dark and shadowy introductions for newcomers Colton Haynes, Billie Lourd and Alison Pill. These actors are seen in creepy clown imagery plucked straight out of childhood nightmares.

It has been revealed that this seventh season will be titled “Cult” and will have references to the 2016 American presidential elections. However, executive producer Alexis martin Woodall said that the new administration will not be playing a part in the show. “When Ryan had to make the announcement originally that the season was going to deal with Trump, I think it’s more about what’s going on in our world around us,” Woodall said.

Deadline reports that the show will feed into the state of mind that surrounded the past elections; the show will feature what Woodall described as a “streak of paranoia.” In conclusion, Woodall said she would describe this upcoming season as “bloody tension, a well-cooked meal, an exciting trip to a grocery store.”

This season of “American Horror Story” will air on September 5 on FX. It will also air on Australia on Channel Eleven.