17-Year-Old American Undergoes Penis Reduction Surgery On His 10-Inch Thick Genital

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A woman sets up a sex toys stand during the Erotica Dream exhibition
A woman sets up a sex toys stand during the Erotica Dream exhibition in Nice, southeastern France, September 27, 2008. Reuters

Many men dream of having a bigger penis on the premise that a larger genital would satisfy their wives or girlfriends more. While some research confirm that size does matter for some females, when the penis, just like the breast, gets too large for comfort, then it’s time to head to the surgeon for help.

That’s what a 17-year-old American did. The unnamed teen’s genital measured 10 inches thick at its flaccid state. While he could be the envy of a porn star or of an ordinary man with a smaller-then-average weiner, the teen told doctors that his huge member prevents him from engaging in sport, wearing normal clothes, and worse of all, having sex, reports the Telegraph.

After all, what’s the use of having a penis – which was shaped like an American football, as doctor’s described it – when women would fear having sex with you and the only alternative possibly left is solo sex?

The situation of the teen left University of South Florida urologist Rafael Carrion speechless. He said the patient made a request so rare and impossible that all the training he had as a specialist seemed useless.

Carrion describes the procedure as like performing two side tummy tucks wherein he cut two sections of the flesh from both sides of the teen’s penis.

He shared to Mail Online that the surgery made the teen’s organ more cosmetically appealing and the life-changing event made the youth smile. The procedure, believed to be the world’s first penis-reduction surgery, was reported on the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The teen is considered lucky, not because he is still big down there, just thinner, but because it was a surgically possible procedure since his problem was circumference not length, unlike the case of Jonah Falcon, considered the owner of the world’s longest penis, whose bulge goes halfway down his leg.

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